Hiiiii! My name is Kacy Patterson (baby sis to Mackenzie). I am in my mid-twenties and was born and raised right here in Decatur, IL. I am a Certified Public Accountant by trade, as well as a health enthusiast (from one end of the spectrum to the other, I KNOW ha). 

Over the last few years, I have discovered the importance of living a life full of HEALTH. What does health mean to me?? Well, to me health means BALANCE. I DO NOT believe in DIETS or COUNTING CALORIES. HEALTH is fueling my body with REAL FOOD that tastes amazing & makes me feel amazing, filling my MIND with POSITIVE and encouraging thoughts, living life with PASSION, spending time outside and breathing FRESH AIR, and living in PEACE.

What are some of my favorite things in this beautiful life? Well, as you can probably already guess… I absolutely LOVE FOOD, cooking and EATING. I love spending time my family & friends, riding my horses & playing with my dogs, being outside in nature & traveling, gardening, kayaking, yoga, camping, reading, and JESUS of course!

Guys, I am no certified nutritionist, chef, or food expert. I am just a Central Illinois girl with a STRONG passion to inspire others to LOVE their bodies and FUEL their bodies so that they can find TOTAL health like I have been blessed to find. Our business and food is designed to NOURISH your body and mind, to save you time from grocery shopping and preparing meals so that YOU have more time to spend with your LOVED ones or doing whatever it is that makes you smile!!!!!!

xoxoxo Kacy

Friends-- Click here https://youtu.be/tAU5M2Ykz2g
to learn more about my struggles with eating disorders and body image issues. 






Hey there loves! My name is Mackenzie Patterson. I am 27 years old, born and raised in the heart of Illinois. I have a degree in public relations from Illinois State University. I am currently a freelance writer and social media manger in the equine industry, as well as a District Manager with Arbonne International…Oh and my favorite, Co-Founder of Simply Rooted Meals with my amazing sister, Kacy Patterson.

Well, if you knew me four years ago, you would never guess that I would be so head over heals in love with health and wellness now. But, hey, here I am today. I absolutely LOVE sharing tasty, nutritious meals and the knowledge that I have gained in the area of health and wellness with others.

I believe that food either heals or harms. Obviously, I enjoy choosing healing foods for myself –but what I love most, is helping OTHERS to discover healing foods for their own body. What foods ADD health? Protein, FAT (yes, fat), fiber, greens. BOOM. But don’t get me wrong, ya gotta have fun with food sometimes too. ;) This girl loves pizza, mexican (queso please) craft beer, and wine (duh). It’s all about balance, right?

Life = Balance. <3

One other thing about food – I believe it is my calling to help others in the area of health. When we eat well, we feel well, and when we feel WELL, we are inspired to live our BEST in every area of our life – relationships, work, play, rest, etc. When we feel good, we go for our dreams, and we reach our destiny.

So what do I love? To start, I put Jesus Christ first in my life. I LOVE spending time with my family and friends, FOOD of course, cooking, camping, canoeing (Iowa rivers are the best), horses, traveling, THE GREAT OUTDOORS, reading- especially the science of how food works in the body, writing, yoga, gardening, local/organic farming practices, fishing, music – anything from the good ol’ boys (Hank, Willie, Waylon, and Merle), to Led Zeppelin, contemporary Christian, and then back over to me and Drew’s (my man) favorite band – Whiskey Myers. So, that’s me in a nut-shell. =)

Cheers to a healthy Midwest!

Peace & Blessings,